Twinkle donation concert


Crypto Bank begins a virtual asset donation service affiliated with Thanksgiving Star Donation, a charity founded by Korean celebrities.
Thanksgiving Star Donation is a charity participated by over 450 Korean celebrities. The organization will hold a Twinkle Donation Concert on Jan. 30. The concert presents Jang Hyeok-Jae of Soriel, Soul Maestro Danny Jung (Saxophonist), Lee Se-Jun of Yurisangja, popera artist Kim Su-jin, singer and musical actor Lisa, and many more. The audience will have the chance to donate their virtual asset to the needy and enjoy the live performances.
The donation service on the app will be available pre- and post-concert. The user will be able to donate to Thanksgiving Star Donation in BTC or ETH. Donation is hassle-free, as the donation amount is entered in KRW. However, the current version allows donations to be made only on Bithumb.