• Can I use Cryptobank right now?

    Currently, Crypto Bank is scheduled to officially open next year and beta service is currently being piloted.
    Beta services are provided to our partners, partners, or stakeholders of Cryptobank, and payment of virtual assets can be made at Mongyudowon Doichang Coffee and Icheon Lotte Premium Outlet Doichang Coffee.
    Prior to the opening of the official service, Cryptobank officials and interested parties will be able to experience and pay for the Cryptobank app in advance.

  • What is SWEPT?

    SWEPT stands for Society of Worldwide Exchange Payments and Transfers and is the virtual asset version of SWIFT, an international interbank financial network.
    CryptoBank is a platform that acts as a central bank for the exchange of additional assets. Because it intermediates the transfer of money between exchanges and financial companies and settlement and process at the time of settlement, SWEPT is the trading network between exchanges and exchanges or between exchanges and financial companies.

  • What is the special function of Cryptobank?

    Yes, that's right.
    In addition to simply managing, transferring, and paying virtual assets, there are virtual asset donation and block chain news functions in collaboration with World Vision within Cryptobank, and the function of selling virtual assets on each exchange will be updated.

  • What is a better differentiation than other platforms?

    CryptoBank is not just an application for virtual assets, but is also working on a project aimed at a new financial market where virtual assets and traditional finance converge.
    Simply using CryptoBank not only makes it easy and convenient to manage virtual assets, but also allows the transfer of virtual assets within CryptoBank to leave the recipient and sender's data transparent and prevent illegal activities such as "issue NO. N".
    CryptoBank will also serve as the central bank of virtual asset exchanges as a bank, and CryptoBank is the platform that ideally complies with the Anti-money Laundering Act (AML) proposed by the FATF (Fund Laundering Prevention Organization)

  • Is there a reason for paying with virtual assets?

    The distribution and method of payment systems are different by country alone.
    In Korea, credit card usage is high, but China and Southeast Asia are using QR code payment method due to the rapid spread of FinTech.
    Also, the currency of each country is different, so there is a hassle of having to exchange money when traveling abroad.
    But Bitcoin, for example, is an asset held around the world, so it can be used in any country without the hassle of currency exchange.
    In addition, the example of a virtual asset with liquidity.)In addition to Bitcoin and Etherium, various countries around the world, including China and Sweden, are now moving and speeding up the issuance of CBDCs (centralized digital currency), which will enable CBDCs in each country to be managed and paid within Cryptobank in the future.

  • What kind of application does CryptoBank have?

    CryptoBank is a virtual asset version of "Toss" that integrates accounts from various banks and financial companies and serves as the central bank for virtual assets.
    The Cryptobank app allows you to view, manage, and transfer assets scattered across the exchange in one place and pay for virtual assets.

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